Articles' submission guidelines

An electronic version of the article should be sent as an email attachment to the Editor: The article should be in a Word format (Times New Roman, 12).

Style sheet

Citations of books should be inserted, not numbered, in the text according to the following scheme: (editor or author, year of publication, pages cited), with a full reference bibliography at the end of the article. Discursive notes and archive records should be quoted by footnotes inserted in the text, numbered consecutively, and put at the end of the article. The pages should be given as 367-97, not as 367-397, but 213-345. Volume numbers of multivolume works are given in capital roman numerals.


Basic monograph citation:
Bosworth, Richard (or R.), Mussolini, London, Arnold, 2002.

Edited works:
Baily, Samuel L. e Míguez, Eduardo José (eds.), Mass Migration to Modern Latin America, Wilmington (DE), Resources Scholarly, 2003.

Articles in books:
Mantelli, Brunello (or B.), «Gli emigranti italiani in Francia tra Roma, Berlino e Vichy (1940-1944)» in Perona G. (ed.), Gli italiani in Francia, 1938-1946, Milano, Franco Angeli, 1994, pp. 367-97.

Articles in journals:
Nazzaro, Pellegrino (or P.), «Italy from the American Immigration Quota Act of 1921 to Mussolini’s Policy of Grossraum: 1921-1924», The Journal of European Economic History, III, 3, 1974, pp. 705-23.

Quotation marks
First use «xxx», then “xxx”, and ‘xxx’.

Capitals, abbreviated forms, and similar matters of style
For capitalization, hyphenation, use of numbers, punctuation, and other matters of style, please follow The Chicago Manual of Style.

Review articles
The book reviewed should be cited as follows:
Francesco Durante,
Italoamericana. Storia e letteratura degli italiani negli Stati Uniti 1776-1880,
Milano, Mondadori, 2001, pp. 844, € 41,32 ($ 40.00). 


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