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Altreitalie 54 (January-June 2017)

Articles by Mateusz Wyżga, Monica Miscali, Carla Campanella, Daniela Salvucci e Stefano Luconi. Books and conferences reviews and news in Open Access.

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Primo incontro nazionale live Mamme Di Cervelli In FugaPrimo incontro nazionale live Mamme Di Cervelli In Fuga

Talk show e contributi speciali
domenica 15 ottobre 2017
ore 11.00 – UniCredit Pavilion
Piazza Gae Aulenti, 10 - Milano


Glocalism Issue 2017, 2, "Global Identities and Communities" is out nowGlocalism Issue 2017, 2, "Global Identities and Communities" is out now

Articles by Alberto Martinelli, Arthur T. Omega, Behrooz Moazami, David Held, Elia Zaru, Ilgin Yorukoglu, Mònica Olaza, Riccardo Giumelli, Stefan Immerfall, Tamar Arev and Tarik Ziyad Gulcu.

Europe between migrations, decolonization and integration (1945-1992)

Call for Papers – Seminar II: Mobility and Migrations in Europe: Perception and Representation


·    Living Transcultural Spaces – Melbourne: 5-7 April 2018

·    Transnationalism and Questions of Identity – New York:
     1-3 November 2018

·    Between Immigration and Historical Amnesia – Genova:
    27-29 June 2019

A limited number of bursaries are available for students presenting at the conference.

Three databases of passengers list. Italians in Argentina, Brazil and United States

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