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Altreitalie 55 (July-December 2017)

Articles by Fabio Ferrarini, João Carlos Tedesco, Giovani Balbinot e Federica Bertagna, Marco Soresina, Bruno Cimatti, Cristina Franchi and Sara Ingrosso.
Books and conferences reviews and news in Open Access.

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·    Living Transcultural Spaces – Melbourne: 5-7 April 2018

·    Transnationalism and Questions of Identity – New York:
     1-3 November 2018

·    Between Immigration and Historical Amnesia – Genova:
    27-29 June 2019

A limited number of bursaries are available for students presenting at the conference.

VACANCIES: nccr – on the moveVACANCIES: nccr – on the move

The National Center of Competence in Research– The Migration-Mobility Nexus has two open positions at the University of Neuchatel.

Call for Papers: Migrants: art, artists, materials and ideas crossing borders

The Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge, undertakes the practical conservation of works of art, conducts technical and historical research and publishes on these topics. It also provides conservation training to postgraduate students and interns. The Institute is organising a conference entitled Migrants: art, artists, materials and ideas crossing borders which will be held on 15-16 November 2018, in Cambridge. This two-day conference, will reflect on the role of migration as embodied in works of art and material culture as documented in visual and written sources. 

Call for Papers:

On the move:
sites of change, states of insecurity 

AIA SEMINAR - 17-19 MAY, 2018

University of Macerata, Palazzo Pantaleoni 

Three databases of passengers list. Italians in Argentina, Brazil and United States

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