Symposium: Italy and East Africa: Unexplored Histories, with Teresa Fiore and Liz Park

June 27, 2020 (11am EST)
"Transnational Pre[-]Occupations in Dawit L. Petros’ Project about Colonial and Migratory Spaces (Eritrea-Italy-Canada)"
Teresa Fiore's presentation followed by a conversation with Liz Park and Q&A

Running through July 18, the series includes four online conversations with curators, authors, artists and scholars affiliated with MOMA and Columbia University, among other institutions (see full program). 

The series “Italy and East Africa: Unexplored Histories" at large reflects on the incursions of Fascism, the damaging processes of “modernization," past and current migration policies and uses of migrant labour, the reconfiguration of geographic boundaries and exploitation of lands, etc.

Teresa Fiore contributes to this series with an online presentation linked to her work about the relationships between colonialism and migrations. Please join the Zoom meeting next Saturday (register here).


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