From March 29 to April 1 2012 Palazzo Ducale will host the third edition of La Storia in Piazza.
La Storia in Piazza is an international meeting where anthropologists, writers, philosophers, biologists, geneticists and legal experts will come together to discuss important historical topics.

Following the first two successful editions dedicated to The Origin of Nations and The Invention of War, this year’s theme will be People on the Move.

The four-day- event will feature conferences, interviews, shows, concerts, workshops, exhibitions, games and public readings.Throughout history migration of peoples has been a rule rather than an exception. People on the Move deals with questions connected to migrations in the course of more than 1000 years as well as their social consequences on Western Societies.

This year’s topics will include the People of Mesopotamia, the Barbaric Invasions, the Arabs in the Mediterranean, the Jewish Diaspora and, in the more recent history, the Slave Trade and the Immigration from Europe to America.

The 20th Century will play a central role with big historical events like the Istrian-Dalmatian exodus, the Migration from southern to northern Italy in 1950/1960, and the Great Deportations by Stalin in the Soviet Union as well as the flight of 10 millions Germans who left the East for the West after World War II.

La Storia in Piazza is the most important meeting on history in Italy and is under the Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and that of the Rendez-vous de l’Histoire of Blois, France.

Director of the project is Donald Sassoon, Professor of Comparative European History at Queen Mary College in London.

The first edition was attended by 16.000 people, the second by 26.000 people; in the hope to increase the audience this year La Storia in Piazza will be available also on line.

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