AEMI-Call for paper 2020

Annual Conference 2020

30th of September to 3rd of October 2020
The 30th annual AEMI meeting will be hosted by the Mellon Centre for Migration Studies (MCMS) at the Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh, Northern Ireland

Even if the migrant did not actually return themselves, the Diaspora could come to exercise its influence at home in a wide variety of ways. Thinking, for example, about the primary overseas destination of many European migrants – America - we
can detect from the later nineteenth century on, a growing process of ‘Americanization’ across Europe. Indeed, few aspects of society and culture remained entirely impervious to trans-oceanic influence. This trend remains ripe for exploration and here, arguably museums have a particular role to play in shaping the research agenda.

The conference is designed to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue and create an optimum learning environment. Therefore, the organisers have responded to feedback by limiting the total number of presenters to thirty-two (32) based on a first-submitted, first-selected basis.

There are three main categories of presentation:

Single speaker presentation – a stand-alone proposal in which each individual will have 15 minutes to make their presentation – usually as part of a three person panel

Panel presentation – a unified proposal for a self-contained panel on a particular theme (normally comprising of three presenters) – 45 minutes will be available for the entire panel

A workshop – this can take several forms but the critical element is a commitment to inter-activity and audience participation – each workshop will be allotted 30 minutes

Abstracts of 200-300 words (including a short CV) in English should be sent as soon as possible but no later than Tuesday 17th March to:

Conference participation is free of charge for AEMI members. Non-members are welcome to participate. The language of the conference will be English.

The Conference Hotel will be the
Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh (

Conference presentations will be delivered
in the Library at MCMS (

Should you have any further queries
concerning the conference please contact Catherine McCullough or Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald (vice-chairman of AEMI) at the above addresses.

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