27th AEMI conference – Call for Papers

“At Home or Alienated”

Migrants and receiving countries between integration and parallel-society, between ‘culture of welcome’ and xenophobia.

The Association of European Migration Institutions (AEMI) together with its local partner organization the Nordfriisk Instituut and with the Nordfriesland Museum Nissenhaus announces a call for papers for the 27th annual AEMI conference which will be held in Husum, North Frisia, Germany from Thursday, 5th to Saturday, 7th October 2017.

The conference will deal with, and reflect on the terms, migration and integration e.g. in the social, economic, or cultural sphere, as well as segregation, nativism and xenophobia in the past and present. Contributions are welcomed to the following topics:

  1. - The USA, where the strategies and the lexicon to deal with massive migration waves were first forged (assimilation, melting pot, integration, cultural pluralism…);

- New York/USA as the hotspot of the Great European migration, where migrants from Europe met and our modern Western way of life based on an increasing mobility was born;

  1. - Europe and migration today, where states for themselves and the EU as a body are struggling hard to come to terms with a fast emerging new Europe in which migrations, mobility, and the following integration, will be key factors of success or failure in the process of finding a common way into the future;

- Linking past and present, USA and Europe and reflecting on the importance of taking the long view of migration history and the role of migration historians in contributing to 'evidence-led' migration policy-making';

  1. - “What is home?” to reflect on the role of the region (“glocalisim” vers. “regionalism” or a mixture of both) as far as integration, stability, identity, nostalgia are concerned in a globalized/mobile world.
  2. - Workshop: What can be the role of AEMI in times where the EU and migrations policies are in crisis?


In order to apply, please provide a paper abstract (in English) with no more than 300 words and a brief biographic summary of no more than 200 words. The selection of papers will be done based on their thematic significance and academic quality.

Download the Call for Papers in PDF


DEADLINE: April 30th 2017 

Applications should be mailed to: 

e-mail: Pauseback@nordfriiskinstituut.de

AEMI website


For members and speakers there is no participation fee for attending the conference, but as it has been the AEMI policy, the conference organizers do not bear the costs of your accommodation or travel.

The Association of European Migration Institutions (AEMI) is a network of forty organizations representing twenty European countries and working on the history of human migrations in the broadest sense, and on the literature produced on this topic, founded in Germany in 1991. The annual conference of the AEMI aims to present the full range of the research, the exhibitions and the other scientific activities of its members and give them and invited speakers an international forum.

The Nordfriisk Instituut in Bredstedt, NF., is the central scientific institution in North Frisia for the preservation and promotion of and research on the Frisian language, culture and history. It is the central meeting point for all those who are interested in North Frisian topics and to whom Frisian interests are of greater importance. The institute runs a library, a record office and various magazines and books are published by the Nordfriisk Instituut. With its Emigration Archive it is member of AEMI since 1995.

The Nordfriesland Museum Ludwig-Nissen-Haus in Husum, NF., is one of the most traditional museums on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. It has its roots in the trust set up by Ludwig Nissen (1855-1924), who emigrated from Husum to New York and became prosperous as a diamond importer. Since 1937 the museum shows the cultural development and traditions on the North Sea coast. These themes are enhanced by various art and history exhibitions.

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